How we work

Senior Executive Search Assignments:

We take on assignments only when we truly believe we can add value to the client's organization. Our objective is to be a true consultant to our clients and be viewed as a trusted advisor rather than merely a service provider.

We view a search as an ongoing dialogue between our client and ourselves. Consequently, both issues and potential solutions are identified and made known through continuous discussions. This provides for the opportunity to make midstream corrections to resolve matters.

At the beginning of any assignment, we establish the protocol that each individual client would like to follow with respect to communications throughout the course of the search. This varies from client to client, and includes the frequency of communication and the desired form of written and verbal documentation. However, it is our experience that when a calendar of dates tied to specific search milestones is mutually established at the start of the project, both its progress and everyone's expectations are greatly enhanced. This must obviously be coupled with regular verbal reports to identify potential issues that could arise in the course of the assignment.

With respect to candidates, we undertake initial telephone screening followed by in depth, person to person interviews. Throughout, the candidate is kept up-to-date as to the status of the search as well as his or her candidacy. Following the conclusion of the search, we follow up with both the client and the successful candidate within six months of hire to monitor the success of the placement.

  • Offers marketing of your company career opportunities
  • Provides a market overview plus potential candidates
  • Identifies the strongest and most 'appropriate' candidates for the job
  • Gives you a 'sounding board' to discuss all other strategic issues
  • Provides objectivity - external and internal candidates can be evaluated similarly
  • Manages candidates' as well as your expectations
  • Provides a 'long term' relationship which will support the growth of your business
  • We identify and select high calibre senior management executives
  • We analyse the individual, cultural and organisational criteria in order to ensure that the candidates put forward to the client are the most appropriate with the 'right fit' to the organisation
  • We dentify the best available candidates who can make a difference to our client's business performance
  • The selection and recruitment of the 'right fit' individuals for key senior positions is critical for our client's business
  • Competition for highly qualified individuals is intense
  • Clients need a search firm and consultant team with the reputation, skill, and prior relevant experience to identify and gain access to the 'best' candidates in the local market
  • The search consultant is the client's "ambassador" to "market" the client's opportunity and create interest from the 'best' candidates, once they have been identified and contacted
  • If the search consultant doesn't understand who the client is and what they do, clients will waste a time seeing inappropriate candidates, or correcting false impressions
  • The search must be a high priority for everyone involved
  • Clients need to feel comfortable with the proposed approach and that they will have access to as much information as they require
  • A high degree of trust and openness is necessary between client and the consultant who will be responsible for the assignment

Senior Management Transition

We help senior level executives to gain their next career position. We are peer level advisors, so that these senior level executives have a transition experience, which is appropriate, individual and allows the individual to be successful.

Senior Executive Programs

The ‘transitioned’ senior executive works with a senior consultant who provides peer-level executive career strategic advice as well as emotional support and guidance, on an individual basis, personally connecting them to executive networks of clients, external colleagues as well as executive recruiters & headhunters all leading to new job and career opportunities. Using proven motivation methods and coaching, we offer a powerful experience that helps the individual transition to the next career step.

  1. Self-Assessment
  2. This phase begins with re-establishing personal equilibrium in readiness for an effective career transition; immediately followed by a review of their career to-date, identifying what is of value, what components must be present in a new career situation. This ‘discovery’ phase may involve the use of self-assessment tools to help the individual identify his or her communication style, career orientation, skills and values. This information is used to develop a clear focus for the ‘next career step’ focusing on professional achievements; personal values; skills; and an ideal position/company checklist.

  3. Marketing ‘Professional Experience’
  4. This is the phase of training, campaign planning and marketing their ‘professional experience’. Marketing tools are created to support the personal career strategy, which includes training in interview and networking skills, as well as dealing with search firms, and seeking out all opportunities. A major marketing tool is the CV, highlighting key achievements, depicting the individual’s professional experience and track record.

  5. Interviewing, Presenting
  6. Focus on determining how closely each specific opportunity matches each aspect of the ‘Ideal desired Position’, through job & networking interviews, verifying impressions and reviewing learning points. The executive is shown how to identify and best utilize a variety of communication styles. Appropriate responses to difficult questions are practiced to prepare the individual to present him/herself effectively and with confidence. All of this ensures that the client has the best chance for converting opportunities into successes. Consultations are held before & after interviews to analyze specific opportunities and strategize next steps.

  7. Choosing from Multiple Options
  8. This phase ensures that the opportunities uncovered are properly evaluated by comparing the offer or offers with the Ideal Position plus coaching the executive in ‘job offer’ negotiations.

    We do not evaluate our success solely on how quickly the next career step ‘happens’ for the executive, but rather on the extent to which we have assisted the client in achieving a step leading to a rewarding future. We help executives to focus and prevent them wasting valuable time by pursuing inappropriate options. We also help to cushion the inevitable ups and downs of the transition period for the individuals and help to maintain focus and energy to achieve results rapidly - Career Transition Coaching provides the ‘know-how’ for exploring real alternatives and for efficiently focusing on career goals.

One-to-one career consultations with a senior consultant, made up of 1hr or 1.5hr sessions: held once or more times, or as part of a program of either weekly or fortnightly meetings over a period of 1, 3, 6, 9, or 12 months.

Where applicable, these would cover some or all of the following.

  • coming to terms with‘ and managing ‚transition‘ to another company or another career path
  • self assessment summary combined into a ‚check list‘ used when considering career avenues
  • CV and cover email preparation, implementation and distribution: recruitment firms etc
  • ongoing discussion as to motivation, direction, career avenues & opportunities
  • professional experience‘ as summarised in CV - marketing of this professional experience ie channels of communication – their identification and action plans
  • seeking vacancies; uncovering career opportunities and ‚making opportunities‘ who to contact
  • networking – in all its forms
  • interviewing skills & techniques: ‚tell me about yourself‘; ‚what have been your key achievements‘, ‚what are your strengths‘ ?
  • preparing for interviews, debriefing after interviews, reviewing & debating options
  • negotiations (declining opportunites as well as accepting) / consideration of options
  • On-boarding guidance and coaching through the first 0-100 days in a new position
  • ‘On-line’ competency assessments as an aid to deciding on future direction

Consulting sessions for senior executives will be conducted by our Managing Partner, Irena A. Brichta, and the venue will be agreed beforehand with the individual.

All sessions and their contents as well as any data received or provided is treated in the strictest of confidence and is not shared with any other individual or organization, unless by prior agreement of the individual and in accordance with the current EU GDPR rules.

Worldwide presence

Brichta & Partners is active in Central East Europe Region countries, as well as in Europe and globally through our partners at 33 St James’s.

Our capabilities across the CEE Region: Brichta & Partners has Associate Partners throughout the Central and East Europe (CEE) Region, who are selected quality individuals with 'in country' expertise and who originally have been part of other search firms and now have their own consulting firms in their specific geography. In this way, we are able to service clients in all countries of the CEE Region.

The same applies to the rest of the world through our extensive and experienced partner network at 33 St James’s.

Brichta & Partners is now able to offer construction management consultancy worldwide through our new consultant, Stuart Amesbury, who has over 30 years extensive experience in the UK, CEE Region, Far East, Middle East, West & East Africa having worked with leading companies, Mace Ltd and others, in airport & infrastructure development projects. He is an experienced troubleshooter!


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