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Executive Search Assignments:

We take on assignments only when we truly believe we can add value to the client's organization. Our objective is to be a true consultant to our clients and be viewed as a trusted advisor rather than merely a service provider.

We view a search as an ongoing dialogue between our client and ourselves. Consequently, both issues and potential solutions are identified and made known through continuous discussions. This provides for the opportunity to make midstream corrections to resolve matters.

At the beginning of any assignment, we establish the protocol that each individual client would like to follow with respect to communications throughout the course of the search. This varies from client to client, and includes the frequency of communication and the desired form of written and verbal documentation. However, it is our experience that when a calendar of dates tied to specific search milestones is mutually established at the start of the project, both its progress and everyone's expectations are greatly enhanced. This must obviously be coupled with regular verbal reports to identify potential issues that could arise in the course of the assignment.

With respect to candidates, we undertake initial telephone screening followed by in depth, person to person interviews. Throughout, the candidate is kept up-to-date as to the status of the search as well as his or her candidacy. Following the conclusion of the search, we follow up with both the client and the successful candidate within six months of hire to monitor the success of the placement.

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