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How to choose an Executive Search Firm:

  • the selection and recruitment of the 'right fit' individuals for key senior positions is critical for our client's business
  • competition for highly qualified individuals is intense
  • clients need a search firm and consultant team with the reputation, skill, and prior relevant experience to identify and gain access to the 'best' candidates in the local market
  • the search consultant is the client's "ambassador" to "market" the client's opportunity and create interest from the 'best' candidates, once they have been identified and contacted
  • if the search consultant doesn't understand who the client is and what they do, clients will waste a time seeing inappropriate candidates, or correcting false impressions
  • the search must be a high priority for everyone involved
  • clients need to feel comfortable with the proposed approach and that they will have access to as much information as they require
  • a high degree of trust and openness is necessary between client and the consultant who will be responsible for the assignment

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